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We love to help our clients achieve their financial and lifestyle goals.

Each member of our real estate sales team strives to craft a unique approach to selling property that synchronises with each client’s objectives. Property marketing packages are tailored to suit every client and every property.

Our real estate sales consultants all work together as a team to sell houses, sell land, and sell units and apartments in the Mackay Region.

We are passionate about achieving the best outcome for our clients. We operate with honesty, commitment, and enthusiasm. We understand the Mackay real estate market and know almost every property in the region.

Our long history means we have the right connections to attract the right buyers. Our sales team’s knowledge gives our clients a head start. Listing your property with Hugh Reilly Real Estate means you can tap into more than 70 years of real estate experience.

Hugh Reilly Real Estate makes selling your property as seamless as possible.

Referrals and recommendations are a big part of what we do. Many of our clients have returned to Hugh Reilly Real Estate time and time again both to sell and to buy.


We Have A Simple Philosophy: People First.

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The average Australian spends at least seven years in each of their homes. Even if you’ve bought and sold houses regularly, you are unlikely to follow the market every day. At Hugh Reilly Real Estate, we are out there, all the time, negotiating on behalf of our clients, and seeking fresh listings. We know about selling houses in Mackay and the surrounding region, and we are in regular contact with qualified buyers.

When you’re selling your home or investment property, it’s important to have someone on your side – someone who can negotiate on your behalf. Real estate transactions are complex. Parting with a home can be extremely stressful and personal. Leave the stress and tense negotiations to a trusted, experienced mediator at Hugh Reilly Real Estate.



Taking your property to auction can be a great move. Auctions attract buyers who are genuinely interested. A successful auction will result in a fair market value for the property and an unconditional contract of sale. However, an auction is not always the right approach for every property or every vendor.


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Mackay's Leading Real Estate Business

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the property selling process with Hugh Reilly Real Estate work?

At Hugh Reilly Real Estate, our primary focus is on making the selling process as smooth and stress-free as possible for our clients. We understand selling a property can be a significant decision. Our experienced real estate consultants work collaboratively to sell houses, land, units and apartments in Mackay. We are constantly in the field, negotiating on behalf of our clients and seeking fresh listings. When you choose to sell with us, you’re not just getting an agent; you’re getting a dedicated team that knows the Mackay market inside out and is in regular contact with qualified buyers.

How does Hugh Reilly Real Estate determine the market value of my property?

We offer a comprehensive market appraisal service to determine the value of your property. Leveraging our vast experience and deep understanding of the Mackay Region, we can analyse various factors, including recent sales, property conditions and prevailing market trends. This thorough appraisal allows you to receive a valuation that truly reflects your property’s worth in the current market.

What factors can influence the time it takes to sell a property in Mackay?

The time it takes to sell a property in Mackay is influenced by various factors. Market conditions play an important role in determining how quickly a property moves. The pricing strategy is also critical; properties priced too high may deter potential buyers, while those priced too low might raise concerns. Moreover, effective marketing strategies, such as online listings, enhance visibility and can expedite the selling process. At Hugh Reilly Real Estate, we use our deep understanding of the region to provide realistic timelines and work diligently to achieve a timely sale. For more information, get in touch with us today!

How can I prepare my property for sale to maximise its appeal?

To maximise your property’s appeal for sale, start with a thorough, deep clean and decluttering to create a spacious feel. Opt for neutral décor to cater to a broader audience and address any minor repairs to present a well-maintained home. Enhance the curb appeal with a tidy exterior, ensure optimal lighting inside and highlight the property’s unique features. Neutralise any odours and consider a pre-inspection to identify and rectify potential issues. Lastly, collaborate with real estate agents to price the property competitively, ensuring it aligns with current market conditions.