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  • Peace of mind that your property is being protected, preserved, and maintained
  • The maximum return on your investment
  • High quality tenants
  • High occupancy rates
  • Prompt payments and on-time accounting reports
  • Regular communication
  • Regular inspections & reports
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Your property is a significant investment and the team at Hugh Reilly Real Estate understand the important role such an investment plays in securing your financial future. Our property managers appreciate the need to maximise return on your investment while ensuring the safety and security of your property.

We treat your property investment with as much care and dedication as we do our own. Our experienced and specialised agents attend to every aspect of managing your property, so you can relax, knowing our people are regularly monitoring returns and taking care of the day-to-day management of your property.



Hugh Reilly Real Estate’s aim is to secure the best tenants, minimise vacancies, care for your investment, and maximise your rental returns

Wendy C of Hugh Reilly Real Estate




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Your Mackay investment property is in safe hands with Hugh Reilly Real Estate. We specialise in effectively managing properties for landlords who reside interstate and overseas.

Property Management Mackay: Your Local Experts

At Hugh Reilly Real Estate, we take pride in serving our Mackay community with top-notch property management services. Our team doesn’t just work in Mackay – we live here too. We’re part of the community we serve, which is why we go the extra mile for our clients. We understand the local property market like no other, and we’re committed to helping you maximise your investment.

Choosing Hugh Reilly Real Estate means choosing a team that is committed, experienced and genuinely cares about your property. We believe in building lasting relationships with landlords, tenants and the wider Mackay community so we can provide a service that fosters trust and transparency. Contact us today to experience the Hugh Reilly difference!

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Hassle-free, From Application To Occupancy

We understand that tenant selection is crucial to ensuring a stable rental income and that’s where our expertise comes into play. We utilise a comprehensive screening process to ensure only the most reliable tenants occupy your property. Our hands-on approach ensures the process is hassle-free, from application to occupancy. With Hugh Reilly Real Estate, you’re getting a property management service that puts your property first.

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Comprehensive Services For Landlords

When it comes to managing your investment property, we understand the intricacies involved, and we’re here to make the process seamless for you. Our comprehensive services cover every aspect of property management, from tenant applications and selection to ongoing routine inspections and maintenance. Our experienced team is here to handle it all so you can reap the benefits of your investment property without the stress.

Tailored Property Management Solutions for Every Property Type

At Hugh Reilly Real Estate, we recognise every property has unique requirements. Whether you own a cosy apartment or a sprawling estate in Mackay, our property management solutions are designed to cater to the specific requirements of each property type. Here’s how we tailor our services to meet your needs:

  • Comprehensive Management: From tenant applications and selection to ongoing routine inspections and maintenance, we cover every aspect of property management. Our experienced team ensures you reap the benefits of your investment without stress.
  • Local Expertise: Our deep connection to the community means we have an intimate understanding of the local property market, making us the ideal partner for all your property needs.
  • Effective Communication: You’ll be informed of all applications, lease renewals, routine inspections, maintenance and any other pertinent issues.
  • Rigorous Tenant Selection: Our comprehensive screening process allows you to select reliable tenants for your property, minimising vacancies and maximising returns.
  • Financial Management: We can manage regular expenses such as rates, insurance premiums and maintenance. Detailed statements are provided monthly, ensuring transparency in all financial matters.

Our tailored solutions allow us to manage every property type with the care, expertise and attention it deserves.

Hugh Reilly Real Estate offers the best property management in Mackay, and here’s why:

We do not hand out keys

All prospective tenants are accompanied by our representative when viewing the property. No prospective tenant is allowed to inspect your property unsupervised. These inspections are conducted 6 days a week by our agency.


While your property is being marketed for letting you will receive regular feedback from your property manager. You will be informed of all applications as they are received and processed. During the tenancy, you will receive communication regarding lease renewals, routine inspections, maintenance, and any other issues.

Routine Inspections

A thorough midterm inspection is carried out on your property. A written report with images is sent to you, the lessor, after each inspection. A vacate inspection is carried out when the tenant vacates the property.


Repairs can be performed by selected tradespeople from our pool of competent, competitively priced maintenance providers. However, we can also engage your own choice of tradespersons. You can choose either to be contacted concerning maintenance or allow us to arrange repairs in line with your disbursement limit.

Regular Accounts

From the rental monies held in our trust account, we can pay accounts that occur on a regular basis, such as rates, insurance premiums, maintenance and repairs, all of which are detailed on the regular end of month statement.

Statements & Payments

Detailed statements are compiled at the end of each month and copies of all invoices are attached. An end-of-year financial statement is compiled and sent to the lessor for taxation purposes. Payments can either be made once or twice per month to your nominated bank account.

Leases & Rent Reviews

Regular rent reviews are carried out to coincide with the expiration of tenancy agreements. Lease renewals are organised prior to the expiry of current tenancy agreements.


The tenant must pay a bond equivalent to four weeks rent and this amount is lodged with the Residential Tenancies Authority. The tenant is also required to pay the initial two weeks rent when taking possession of the property.

Entry Condition Reports

A detailed entry condition report is completed by Hugh Reilly Real Estate prior to the tenant taking possession of the property. The tenant has three days to check the report. At the end of the tenancy, any unlisted damage is the tenant’s responsibility, excluding fair wear and tear. A copy of this report is forwarded to the owner.

Exit Condition Reports

After the vacate inspection is conducted, a report is forwarded to the tenant, who must then rectify any issues. Particular attention is paid to the cleanliness and condition of the property. A copy of the exit condition report is forwarded to you prior to the bond being released.

Rental Arrears

The rental arrears report is printed every business day, which enables us to ensure rents are up-to-date. After three days in arrears, the tenant is contacted. After seven days in arrears, a Notice to Remedy Breach is issued to the tenant, which specifies a time to resolve the situation. If the rent is not paid, then in consultation with the owner, a Notice to Leave is issued and the tenant is required to vacate the premises within the specified time.

Queensland Civil & Administrative Tribunal

Should the need arise at either the end or during the course of a tenancy, one of our experienced property managers will represent the lessor, prepare all necessary paperwork, and attend hearings of the Tribunal.

Mackay's Leading Real Estate Business


Kathy of Hugh Reilly Real Estate

Kathy Euers

“In January 2004 my husband and I left Sydney for a weekend of scouring Mackay with the intention of finding a multi-unit dwelling to purchase as an investment property. We met with Hugh Reilly Real Estate and after looking at several properties we fell in love with a block of 6 units that needed a lot of TLC.

It was upon exchanging contracts in their office that I was introduced to Josey Comerford, who heads up the team that would manage our units. Josey’s professionalism and honest character immediately put us both at ease and was the beginning of a great friendship and someone who we could completely trust. I can speak to Josey about tenants, repairs, paint peeling, a quote for a new stove or just to chat about the Mackay property market in general.

During that time, Josey (now a Director), has kept Hugh Reilly Property Management running like a well oiled machine with her tireless energy, passion and honest character. We are both very indebted to her for keeping our property running smoothly whilst we are in Sydney.”

Geraldine of Hugh Reilly Real Estate

Geraldine Nahrung

“We were fortunate enough to purchase an investment property through Hugh Reilly Real Estate in 1988 and they looked after the property management for us. We have never had a problem with renting so we’re always surprised when we hear friends talk about problems with their property managers. We just tell them they should give Hugh Reilly a go.

I think the biggest benefit with Hugh Reilly Real Estate is how Property Manager Josey Comerford communicates with her landlords. She always phones us back and follows things through. And when we told Josey we wanted to keep our rent lower to encourage long-term tenants, she respected our management strategy and worked with us toward our goal.

It’s such an important asset to be looking after. We wouldn’t have stuck with Hugh Reilly Real Estate for all these years if we didn’t think they were the best in the business.”

Juli of Hugh Reilly Real Estate

Juli Parker

“Josey and her team at Hugh Reilly Real Estate have managed multiple properties for me over the last few years and I am about to entrust two more to her! I have found Josey and her team to be diligent and thorough and this comes after being disappointed with other local agents. I am always kept informed, maintenance is kept up to date and rent payments are closely monitored.

I can happily recommend Josey and her property management team at Hugh Reilly Real Estate. ”


Our mission is for Hugh Reilly Property Management to exceed the expectations of our clients and customers in professionalism, attitude and value, leaving them in no doubt that we are the best real estate business in Mackay.


Hugh Reilly Real Estate is a local business built upon a reputation of honesty and integrity. Over the decades, a lot of business has been conducted on a handshake. The cornerstone of our business is our reputation and everything depends on maintaining the high standards the people of Mackay have come to expect from Hugh Reilly Real Estate.


If you are dissatisfied with your current property managers, we invite you to try the best property management service in Mackay at no risk to you. There’s no risk to you because Huge Reilly offers a money-back guarantee (conditions apply).

Josey works hard for her clients and is always available for a no obligation assessment and discussion.
Give her a call today on
0418 185 749


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Property Management Mackay FAQs

How does Hugh Reilly Real Estate select tenants for my property?

Our tenant selection process is hassle-free, from application to occupancy. Our team conducts a rigorous tenant screening process to ensure that your property is occupied by reliable tenants. We consider their rental history, employment status and references as part of this process to safeguard your investment.

How often will my property be inspected?

At Hugh Reilly Real Estate, we conduct regular inspections to ensure that your property is well-maintained. The frequency of these inspections can be adjusted according to your preferences and the specific needs of your Mackay property; however we recommend an inspection once every 3 months or at least twice a year.

How can I track my property's performance?

We provide an easy-to-use online portal where you can access financial reports, track rent collection and view inspection reports. This is part of our commitment to transparency and open communication with landlords.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional property manager?

There’s plenty to be gained from hiring a professional property manager. One of the key advantages is peace of mind. Property management can be a full-time job, especially when you own multiple properties. By delegating this task to professionals, you free up your own time. Better yet, our skilled managers have years of experience and know how to find the right tenants for your property.

What steps are taken to ensure the collection of rent and handling of financial matters?

At Hugh Reilly Real Estate, we utilise a meticulous system to manage your financial matters. Rent collection is carried out using secure online platforms, ensuring timely payments. We send reminders to tenants before the due date, and in the rare case of late payments, we follow strict procedures to ensure you’re not left out of pocket.

Our financial management also includes a comprehensive tracking system. We document every transaction and manage all aspects of the property’s budget, including maintenance costs and bill payments.

How often will I receive updates and reports about my property?

Communication is key in property management. That’s why we ensure you’re always up to date. Typically, we provide monthly reports detailing financial transactions, property maintenance updates and other relevant matters. Additionally, if there are pressing issues such as repairs, tenant disputes or legal matters, we immediately bring these to your attention. Our goal is to give you a complete picture of your property’s status at all times.

What happens if a tenant violates the lease agreement or causes damage to the property?

Our Property Management team in Mackay ensures that any violations of the lease agreement are dealt with promptly and legally. If a tenant breaches the agreement, we first issue a formal notice detailing the violation and requesting resolution.

If the tenant causes damage to the property, they are held responsible for repair costs as per the lease agreement. We have protocols in place to address these issues efficiently, ensuring your property is repaired promptly and the cost is recouped.

What are the costs associated with hiring a property management company?

The costs of hiring a property management vary based on the services required. Typically, the fee structure includes a percentage of the monthly rent, along with costs associated with tenant placement, maintenance and repairs.

Rest assured; our commitment is to provide top-quality property management services in Mackay at competitive rates. The goal is to maximise your return on investment, while minimising stress and time spent on property-related tasks. We believe the benefits you reap, far outweigh the cost.

How does Hugh Reilly Real Estate handle property maintenance and repairs?

At Hugh Reilly Real Estate, we are committed to the maintenance and preservation of your property. We have a pool of competent and competitively priced maintenance providers to address your needs. However, if you have a preferred tradesperson, we can certainly engage them on your behalf. You have the flexibility to either be contacted regarding maintenance or allow us to manage repairs based on a predetermined disbursement limit. Regular inspections are conducted to monitor the property’s condition and any maintenance needs are promptly addressed.

What is your approach to minimising vacancy periods for my property?

At Hugh Reilly Real Estate, our primary goal is to maximise your rental returns and maintain high occupancy rates. We achieve this by securing the most suitable tenants through a rigorous tenant screening process. Our team is dedicated to minimising vacancies by ensuring we have tenants who value and respect the property they occupy. We also conduct regular rent reviews to maintain the competitiveness of your property in the market. Our proactive approach, combined with our deep understanding of the local property market, can ensure your property is rarely vacant.

Can Hugh Reilly Real Estate assist with property legalities and compliance?

Absolutely. We are well-versed in the legalities and compliance requirements associated with property management. We aim to align all tenancy agreements with current regulations. Bonds collected from tenants are lodged with the Residential Tenancies Authority. We also conduct detailed entry and exit condition reports to safeguard against any potential disputes. In the rare event that a legal issue arises, our experienced property managers are equipped to represent the lessor, prepare all necessary paperwork and attend hearings of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Our comprehensive approach can ensure your property is compliant and any legal matters are handled with professionalism.